My Story

“Never give up on your dreams!”

Randy Lyght is a jazz and pop singer/songwriter with 4 studio albums to his credit. His music career spans 20 years of experience recording, performing and captivating his audiences with his genuine warmth and confident stage presence.

Another Side of Me (a FACTOR funded project) is Randy’s forth release and most personal to date. His vocals are described as warm, slightly raspy with lots of character, mellow and having a lyrical style. Thematically the album is very much about love and love. It covers new relationships, the love of a parent/grandparent, life passing by quickly, lost love, love of a spouse and just having fun in being in love. These are songs that can have a meaning to everyone at some point in their life.

Exhibiting a unique blend of post-day pop and smooth jazz, with a musical style that accurately combines popular music with the American songbook style, Lyght aims for a sense of appeal on the new collection of his original music and lyrics. He credits his co-composer Andriy Tykhonov and award winning producer Rick Hutt with helping him create music that is both new and familiar. Lyght’s rich vocals, artfully mixed with superior rhythms and contemporary songwriting, result in a sophisticated jazz/pop sound closely resembling that of Tony Bennett (Love Comes Then It Goes), Harry Connick Jr. (Bumped Into Love) and Burt Bacharach (Long Way Around). Randy’s original tunes also include a latin/bossa nova style with “Dancing in The Sand”. – All being a reflection of the precedent era.

Randy is also the proud recipient of two additional FACTOR Grants (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records) for the two singles “Witchcraft” and “All In Fun” both being on his most recent CD “A Return to Romance”. Randy’s solo recordings from Just In Time and A Return to Romance has received international airplay and critical acclaim.

Growing up in a household that appreciated all flavours of music, Randy was introduced to country as well as big band music. At the young age of 15, Randy started in his hometown of Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario, singing the cover songs of the popular rock bands of the time because that was the accepted music. Soon, Randy started to admire the works of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and others even if it wasn’t the cool music to listen to at the time.

In the mid-70’s Randy was asked to join a world tour for 18 months with The World Renowned Platters. His talent and innate musicality was enriched, singing under the direction of very talented performers.

Returning home, Randy moved to Vancouver BC and continued to sing at countless live engagements and recorded commissioned songs and radio jingles until the mid 80’s.

After meeting his soul mate and having children, Randy chose to put his dream on hold and provide a stable lifestyle for his family. A part of his heart though was always with his music.

Now after returning to pursue his passion of music in 2011, Randy has been entertaining audiences with his now mature and textured vocals. When he performs he exudes a kind of showmanship, class and charisma from years gone by.

Randy is well known for his engaging shows of personality on stage, which applauds audiences every time. Randy makes every show count and be memorable.


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