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Randy Lyght – Bumped Into Love

Randy Lyght’s “Bumped into Love” is a fantastic single from his fourth solo studio release, Another Side of Me, and marks another high point in the career of this fantastic vocalist and song interpreter. Lyght plays to what we know as familiar, but he has the talent and good sense to choose outstanding collaborators in such a way that there’s a signature luster emanating from the tune that others will never duplicate. Everything here is in place. It has a light soul and jazz edge, just the right amount of urgency, and a well tailored length that never overstays its welcome with listeners. It’s easy to figure out why this cut occupies such a high level when you take into account the voluminous experience Lyght brings to bear in making this tune and others work for listeners, but you can enjoy this song as a standalone entertainment experience that nourishes the heart and imagination alike.  


The warm, sustaining qualities of the song are evident from the first. Much of the instrumental attack is dominated by the horn section, but it isn’t so obtrusive that it comes off heavy handed in the mix. Instead, the brass playing and vocals exist quite well side by side and make an excellent tandem driving the song forward. They are recorded with immense attention to detail and the obvious attentiveness extends to every facet of the recording; each instrument occupies a distinctive slot in the mix, including Lyght’s voice, and the disparate elements are balanced with precision. Despite the obvious construction behind a song like this, both the singing and playing alike sound completely natural and roll out of the participants in a manner that suggests they might be recording the song live or this may be their first spin through the tune. This sort of spontaneity and inspired swing is difficult to stage or fake.


Lyght elevates the already fine lyric to a place where it compels a smile as well as allowing the listener to entertain a light storytelling aspect. Great singers get inside a tune and make it their own, separating just enough from the influences that shape its sound so it comes off as something truly individual, and Lyght does that here with astonishing ease. The sparks coming off the interplay between Lyght’s voice and the horns is an especially invigorating part of the performance and he seems supernaturally tuned in to just the right amount of musicality needed to play an excellent counterpoint. “Bumped into Love” is one of those moments as a listener when you bump into a tune that’s both musically satisfying and eminently likable. If we should consider it representative of Another Side of Me, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t, then Randy Lyght’s fourth solo effort is his best recording yet and shows this great vocal stylist may still not yet be at the peak of his awesome powers.




Shannon Cowden



Bernie Fiedler - B.C. Fiedler Management - May 2018
“I received your CD and wanted to thank you! I have listened to it and very much enjoyed it! Your original songs are great and I just wanted to say keep going in that direction because it’s very good! I will be sharing your music with my friends. Great job!”

Waterloo Chronicle - July 16, 2016
"Bottom, Randy Lyght sings classic Frank Sinatra accompanied by his band including Andriy Tykhonov on piano and Andrew McAnsh on trumpet."

Waterloo Chronicle - July 18,2015

CBC Radio - Craig Norris
July 15, 2015
Effortless..and fantastic. That's how it sounds when @RandyLyght sings. He's playing @waterloojazz this wknd! @CBCKW891 #kw

O's Place Jazz Magazine - Oscar Groomes
Randy Lyght   -   A Return To Romance    4/4

March 22, 2014
Randy has a warm, slightly raspy voice with lots of character. It is well suited for A Return To Romance, a collection of ten crisp, popular love songs. The supporting band provides a solid foundation and caps an entertaining set. We especially enjoyed the brass accents that surfaced across the stage. Highlights are "Witchcraft", "Stepping' Out With My Baby" and "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life".

Helping hearts

Jazz artist is donating profits to the heart and stroke foundation

By Heather Abrey
Kitchener Post staff

Listening to Randy Lyght’s A Return to Romance might make your pulse race, but it will also help the hearts of others.

The Kitchener jazz vocalist will be releasing his new CD on Feb. 13, as well as playing two shows at The Registry Theatre. A portion of the proceeds from sales of A Return to Romance for the next year will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Read more .... 


Jazz Brat Blog - Lori Pallard
January 26, 2014
Lyght, A Return To Romance

Jazz crooner Randy Lyght is launching his new CD,Return To Romance, February 13th in Kitchener, Ontario. But there's a lot more to his musical story than just a Valentine's Day theme!
Read on to discover theHEART of the matter!
Thunder Bay native Randy Lyght has been a part of the Canadian music scene for quite some time. He's headed his own bands and worked under the direction of such greats as Jackie Richardson. However touring (10 different countries!) takes its toll and Randy chose to take a break and focus on his family. A few years ago Randy was encouraged to return to music in a big way with 2 CDs in 2 years, both receiving a lot of airplay, both here and abroad.
But for his tertiary album, Randy Lyght wanted to do something close to hisHEART
Randy decided to raise funds for the heart and stroke foundation. He created a donation page (click here to donate) but felt that just wasn't enough. So he hit the studio and recorded "A Return To Romance". During 2014, $1 from every CD sold will go to The Heart and Stroke Foundation.   Read more......

Northern Exposure
January 20, 2014

Randy Lyght has been a staple on the Canadian music scene since for decades.

He has led his own bands, including Mixed Breed and Black Lightningalongside other great bands featuring Rick Lazar and Paul Shaffer. In the mid-70s, he completed a multi-country tour with The World Renowned Platters. He has worked with countless legendary performers, includingJackie RichardsonTony Gaines and Jason Mack. Randy also recorded a single cover of “Feel Like Making Love”, produced by Hermann Fruhm. His single has received extensive airplay in Canada and the US.

Which song do you wish you would have written?

“Nature Boy” by Eden Ahbez. There aren’t many songs that have that kind of effect on a person’s emotions. The simplicity and purity of the lyrics and melody can be fully orchestrated, or broken down to piano, flute and vocal, as I recorded it on my release, A Return to Romance.

What advice could you give someone just starting out in the business?

You have to be realistic. Make sure you’re having fun. Music has no boundaries. Make music that you want to make.

More than anything, take it one step at a time. If you’ve accomplished something, move on to the next step, or try something new. Don’t ever let your expectations ruin the fun of music. Once it’s not fun anymore, don’t do it.

Any favorite microphones?

For vocals, I suggest the Shure Beta 87a.

Rich Germaine - Jazz Radio Network -
December 18, 2013
 “Who says Romance is passé?  These fresh arrangements of timeless standards sung in Randy’s warm, lyrical style … will light the fire of romance again and again, especially for jazz lovers.  A Return To Romance  is our kind of music… five out of five stars.”     Rich Germaine, Jazz Radio )

Jazz Society - Waterloo Chronicle
November 19, 2013
 Jazz Room presents crowd favourites
The Jazz Room, at the historic Huether Hotel, presents the Randy Lyght Band and the Jamie Baum/Jane Bunnett Quintet this weekend.
Returning to The Jazz Room Friday night is crowd favourite Randy Lyght. Lyght and his exceptional band perform songs you know and love with the classic style of the best modern jazz crooners. 
In a former incarnation, Randy toured 10 countries with the world renowned Platters group, taking time off to perform with the likes of Jackie Richardson, Tony Gaines and Jason Mack. 
Lyght became a west coast phenomenon gigging and recording in B.C., before taking time out of his performance career to raise a family. Now residing in Kitchener, he has roared back with two exceptional CDs, Just In Time and Happy Holiday, both released in 2012.
Joining Lyght on vocals for this gig will be Joel Haynes on drums, Clark Johnston on bass, JK Gulley on guitar, Andriy Tykhonov on piano and Ken Hadley on sax/flute/clarinet. 

Laurie Snell - Waterloo Chronicle
July 17, 2013
 Wednesday, July, 17, 2013 - 10:10:48 AM Photo courtest Uptown BIA Randy Lyght is one of the headline acts at this year's jazz festival. Free, fun Jazz Fest this weekend By Laurie Snell Special to the Chronicle Uptown Waterloo is getting all jazzed up and ready to go for this weekend’s annual festivities. The 21st annual Sunlife Financial Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival kicks off July 19, and will be a free, three-day celebration of jazz music in the more

Fred Eager and Dennis Dueck (Co-Chairs Show Committee)- TWIN CITY HARMONIZERS -
May 04, 2013
 On behalf of The Kitchener-Waterloo Chapter SPEBSQSA INC. we would like to thank The Randy Lyght Trio for appearing on our show There's a Meetin' Here Tonight.  Your contribution added to the show to make it a huge success and the comments received from the audience was very positive on your performance. We look forward to hearing you perform again in the future.

Zach Brenneman - Global Entertainment Magazine
April 24, 2013
Randy Lyght delivers an expertly powerful vocal performance on his new album “Just in Time”. Randy’s voice sails and soars throughout the collection of ten covers of seminal soft jazz/lounge hits like “The Way You Look Tonight”, “L.O.V.E” and “I Get a kick Out of You” with effortless grace. Singing big band and jazz music must be like riding a bike for Randy, who says he “hadn’t sung in awhile...” because he almost makes it sound easy. .......Read more

Tina Wilson - Global Entertainment Mag
February 01, 2013
 With Valentines coming up soon the song "Love Is Here To Stay"by Randy Lyght is perfect for the occasion of getting away with your sweetheart, escaping from the everyday stress of life and spoiling each other with champagne, and a fancy dinner.  Other masterpieces of music to delight in this special occasion is "Smile", "The Way You Look Tonight" and "I Get A Kick Out of You" are the perfect Valentines memorable songs that will stay with you for many years into the future.  Randy's music is the type that touches hearts of many people world wide. They are the type of Love Ballads that a couple could say, "These songs are ours to celebrate our love" casting a memorable experience in their relationship with each other. - By Tina Wilson CEO Global Entertainment Mag.

Dana Demers 
September 11, 2012
The Grand River Shows team would like to thank you for your participation and involvement in The Waterloo Region Food & Drink Expo. It was truly a pleasure meeting you.  People have been speaking so highly of your performance. Thank you very much for being a part of our event. Dana Demers - Grand River Shows

Caroline Lamers 
June 27, 2012
Went to your site........LOVE your voice!!!!!!!!!!! You sound very much like one of the fellows from the "old boys club" - Caroline Lamers - Asst General Manager - Easy 101 FM

Bill Brown - England 
November 2, 2012
Warm greeting from London, England. I've just discovered your wonderful music on the internet, which is a joy! Keep up the excellent work. I guess it would be fair to say that I am now a huge Randy Lyght fan! I keep telling my friends about my amazing musical discovery - Bill Brown - Hayes FM and Spectrum Radio UK

Whistle Radio 102.7
September 15, 2012
It was wonderful to meet you and I so love your voice and music.  You won a ton of fans on our Thursday night live show plus your album (Just In Time) is in high rotation at our station. - Tara Donaghey- Program Director, Whistle Radio 102.7, Stouffville, ON

Joe Wood - RDR Music Group 
Great tracks!!! Love the strings and your vocals! Well done! - Joe Wood - RDR Music Group

Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  May 26, 2012 ----   "RANDY LYGHT RETURNS TO THUNDER BAY"Renowned pop jazz and rock vocalist Randy Lyght is returning to Thunder Bay after many years for his CD release party. was announced by  Ken Boshcoff a long time friend of Randy's .
Randy now singing jazz masters material, made rock history in Thunder Bay as lead vocalist for the popular band "Black Lyghtning". Randy's band included the Zeleny Brothers who went on to form the legendary "Zeebraz". Both Jim and Gerry Zeleny will be playing with Randy in a reunion set on Friday June 8th at Gargoyle's. Black Lyghtning played hundreds of high school and big venue dances in the 70's and 80's alongside Paul Shaffer and Rick Lazar of The Fugitives.  Randy went on to tour with the "The World Renowned Platters" for several years as well as having a solo career in Vancouver, BC. Returning to the stage recently, Randy is really looking forward to seeing friends and family as he performs jazz classics from the songbooks of Sinatra, Bennett, Cole and more.A stellar group of local musicians will be performing with Randy as he performs the songs from his CD "Just In Time"! As this will be a one-show 3-set performance starting at 8pm. People are requested to purchase their tickets in advance by calling 473-8228 to arrange .  Regular dinner service will be available at Gargoyle's that evening and reservations will be accepted on a first come basis. Tickets are $10 per person. As Randy has not been home for some time he is really looking forward to seeing his fans from his Thunder Bay performing days.

Best heard this week blogatwrylifemusic
Posted on January 15, 2012 And worth a listen in my opinion…..Randy Lyght – Just In Time : I like Randy’s delivery on these classic tunes – some of the best from the ‘40s through the 60’s. This selection is well orchestrated and highlights his deep bass voice. Randy reminds us all that you don’t necessarily have to have new material to really shine – just a load of talent and a brilliant sense of the feel of the song. Have a listen.SaveSaveSaveSave

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